Should I text him again or lose contact with him forever?

So my ex and I were dating for about eight months now and I was so pissed that I called the relationship off. I deleted his contact. That day I wasn't thinking.
It's been about three days with us not talking and I'm really sad that we don't talk that much anymore and I keep debating weather or not should I text him saying "I miss you".
What do you guys think? Should I text him again?


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  • There is nothing more left in this relationship. It is good to end this relationship once and for all.


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  • Sometimes people make hasty decisions when they feel hurt and angry. I'm guilty of that at times. You responded out of your negative emotions so reacted in the heat of the moment. .

    You obviously feel guilty and didn't mean what you'd said and did , so contact him. Now you've calmed down and you're thinking more rational talk to him , and explain how you feel and why you did what you did.

    He'll probably be feeling very upset right now too. Communication is the only way to salvage your relationship. Plus , you'd need to change how you respond when you're pissed off with him , or the relationship will eventually fail for good

    • When I do message him, do you know how long I should wait to get a message back from him? Like a few days or something?

    • Yeah give him a few days. Once you've said what you need to say then it's up to him to make a decision. I'm sure he'll respond to you though

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  • text him


What Girls Said 2

  • Contact him but dont just say 'i miss you' my ex does this all the time and its very frustrating because he never addresses or apologises for the mistake he just tries to act like it didn't happen. Try something like "I've had time to think things through and I made a mistake, I miss you"

  • I understand. Sometimes we do and say things when the anger is at its peak. He's simply respecting the space you ask, and therefore, it's up to you to make a move if you're the one that wants to reconnect. Just say something like
    "Hey, I'm really sorry about throwing away our friendship. It was unfair and I wish I could have responded in a better way. But I really miss you and would like for us to try to path things up."

    Try that.


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