What do you do when, months after the breakup, you still feel like she was the one?

We live a long way from each other now, and haven't spoken in three months. We were together for two years. Some bad things happened (outside of us), miscommunications spiralled into something worse... I don't blame her for leaving. I know that even if I were to explain and she were to hear me, I can't "logic" her into feeling something for me again.

I miss her. I miss "us." Feel like I've been devoid of direction or purpose in my life since she left it.


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  • Reach out to her , and try to resolve past issues. True love is worth fighting for. Misunderstandings and poor communication are usually the cause of most breakups. So good communication , compromises and sacrifices are the only way to salvage a relationship

    • I worry about overstepping her boundaries. This truly did begin with a miscommunication. This was my first serious relationship, and my family fought me to the point of nearly disowning me on account of her not being a Christian. I reacted to that stress in some ways I'm not proud of, but they relented mere weeks before she chose to end the relationship.

      Thought we would have smooth sailing from there, but she had built up some misconceptions about what was happening while we were long-distance which didn't come out until she had decided to leave.

      Feels like I'm rambling here. Ugh. Point is, whether she would take me back or not, she's facing serious (noncriminal) legal difficulties in the near future, and I still care what happens to her. I'd want to help her however I can. Complicated situation.

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    • I sent her an email two days after we broke up, but I have no idea if she read it.

      I can email her again and talk about the legal situation. Her parents aren't overly-controlling. Mine are - evangelical religious zealots. We barely have a relationship anymore on account of irreconciliable religious/political differences and how they reacted to my involvement with this girl. I honestly can't say I'd want my key to their house back if they offered it.

      She didn't want to be responsible for destroying my relationship with my family. Way I see it, that's off on them, not her, not me.

    • Aww I'm very sorry. It's really nice of her to be concerned about your relationship with your parents. I can see through your words just how much you care about her. I really hope things work out for you both

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  • This is one of the hardest things man! I'm there myself. And it's tough. But ultimately you feel it, accept it, and fake it until you make it.

    There no set time on when you might be able to accept reality, and this isn't to be confused with moving on. It's pretty hard to "move on" from someone you though you'd be with forver, wanted to be with forever, and always though you'd have in your life in some capacity.

    But eventually, you'll just kind of come to terms with the idea that you're not together, and you have to continue on without her or until she maybe returns.


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  • That's normal. It will fade quicker once you meet someone new.

  • you can only try, and keep trying until you are able to accept the result


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  • You apologize and make up.


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