Would you break it off if you were in my situation? Anger Issues etc. ?

Hey everyone, first off thank you for helping me out.

After two years with my boyfriend, I have come to a breaking point. Mostly because I have had to deal with a lot of his anger, paranoia, etc. For instance, he has made small fights into a HUGE deal before. Which is concerning because, those things need to be solved rather easily with someone you plan on spending the rest of your life with. I have asked him to go to therapy before and have threatened to call it quits but he would go and stop. I never felt he took it seriously..

Well the breaking point finally came when he lashed out at yet another small thing. At this point I had way too much anxiety to deal with it any longer. The issue here is, I ended things and we finally saw each other to talk.. and he is so persistant in telling me things will be different..

Honestly, I do see a difference in how sorry he is and I do feel like he will stick to his therapy.. but is it too late? How can I even begin to brush off 2 years of this and start over? I dont know how and I dont know if I should. I am completely lost.. Similar stores.. help?


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  • The fact that he wants to "clean up" his act after you reached a breaking point and broke up wth him tells me that he probably hasn't changed at all. You are just getting whatever lip service he can give in order for you to take him back. 2 years isn't nothing. I have brushed off 3 and 5 years relationships before getting with my wife. Don't let feeling a waste of time put you back in a bad situation that will make this a wasted 4 or 5 year relationship.


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