My boyfriend for 6 years broke up with me 3 months ago and now he is seeing other women and spends a lot of time with me as well?

Hi there,
My story is complicated. I hope you can read it and give me an insight.
I love my ex boyfriend so much and he lives me too. We spent 6 years together. I have kids from previous marriage and he doesn't. Our relationship was amazing with few bumps because of my problems with my kids. He didn't want us to get married until the problems with my kids resolve. One day I was trying to solve a problem with my kid and I didn't tell him about it and he discovered it and I lied to him about it. He told me that he can't trust me anymore and broke up with me. Since then he started dating other women. We kept contact throughout the breakup after the heat was over. About a month ago he told me that he misses me so much and we started getting closer and intimate. But he said were not back together yet and that he wants to take it slow.
He is still seeing someone else but he spends his days off with me. The problem is that he said he needs time to decide on what he wants and I'm being very patient with his decision because I don't want to lose him. But I'm scared that he decides to move on and break my heart again. Whenever he is with me we are even better than we used to be but when he leaves I feel that he is so far. He calls me everyday but not as we used to. Just short call and very few texts if any. Should I keep waiting for him to take his time or should I cut my losses and accept the breakup?
A little help from guys opinion will be helpful.


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  • I'm in a similar situation except I'm the guy and I got dumped by my girl who has kids, but the kids were the biggest strain on the relationship there were to many issues with them and it caused me to move to slow and that's why she ended it but about it question I will just tell u what happened with me. We continued to talk every day and hang out on my days off there was no one else for either of us for a month I told her i wanted to fix it but needed to know where to improve and she said she would allow me to fix it and I made great progress with accepting her children as my own but then just a few days ago she said she was with someone else and I haven't heard from her since. All I'm saying is he might just be holding you on the side until he finds someone else I was led on be careful you aren't.


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  • Love is hard. Love can be complicated. However this sounds as if he is enjoying the two people willing to both be there for him... Take your own time and your own break. Tell him you need space to figure some things out, be honest tell him you feel it is better than ever, but you don't want your heart to be broken by this. You bow out, show you are serious, and then CUT CONTACT OFF ( it might drive u nuts) if only for a week, dont text or answer them, or call or anything... even on social media sites... let him be... if he comes around, chances are you might be the only one he wants... it will not be easy, but you might get your answer from your strength, and I mean answer either way... best of luck

    • I only see him on weekends and we hardly talk on the weekdays, im afraid if i do that he will choose the other woman. What do you think?

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    • I actually talked to him but he told me that he needs time to be sure of his decision to come back to me and that the other women mean nothing to him and that he needs time to make this work with no regrets and no mistakes

    • Thank you for the MHO, I hope everything works out for the best!

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  • No, he ended it and I think you should finish it.

    • But why he gives me hope and keeps me hanging he couldve told me there is no chance

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    • He inviting me on a dinner date this week, could this mean anything? Is there a way i can win him back?

    • I really don't think so... why not just talk to him and tell him you want him back? better than him ghosting right... even if it is really awkward.

  • He might like, even love you, but he doesn't want to be with you. He wants what he has right now 2 women giving him sex. Or maybe the other woman is not giving him sex and is using you for that.
    If a man wants to be with a female trust me, he has no problem with letting that female know. I learned that the hard way. He said he was confused and needed space. And I gave him what he want but turns out it was just sex he said. So choice what means more a man or self respect.


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