How do I get over him, my first heartbreak?

Everything was going so well, I fell in love. He said he loved me and we were both really happy. Then one day out of the blue he broke up with me because he 'doesn't want to hurt me'. He said my kind of love is definite and unconditional and it's for someone who is able to match it

I was devastated. I didn't see this coming. He would always talk about our future and I never initiated any of this talk, it was always him. I was so confused and lost after the break, I contacted him to say I wanted to remain friends because I'd rather have him in my life as a friend than not have him in my life at all. (Now that I think about it, I probably only said that because I'm hoping we'd get back together in the future). He then told me he's been feeling confused and lost all this time since the break up and had a lot of time to over think things. He's a very indecisive person if that matters, one time he broke up with me but didn't realise what he's lost until after he has lost it (his words). This time he said I deserve better and that he's not worthy of me and he doesn't know why he ever tried convincing himself he was.

I'm so confused by all of this. Feels like I want breathe and my heart has been ripped out of my chest and squeezed. I can literally feel the pain. How do I overcome this? I can't eat, I can't sleep, everything reminds me of him. I just want to sit at home and think about him all day but that's not healthy. Usually, after a breakup I go on lots of dates and it seems to help. But now I realise it's because I as never truly in love with them

Help me please! it's gotten to the point where I look forward to going to sleep at night because that's the only time it doesn't hurt anymore :( I'm losing my mind
How do I get over him, my first heartbreak?
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