Should I break up with him even though I am still in love with him?

So I just found out that my boyfriend of two years is really my first cousin. Apparently my grandad had more kids that werent with my grandmother and my dad had never met them. So his dad and my dad are half brothers. And we didn't find this out until a little while ago. Im sick to my stomach and my heart is broken but I just can't imagine being with anyone else. But everytime i look at him I just feel so awkward. We have done everything together we have been together since high school and we were so in love. And now we both can't even stand next to each other. We haven't officially broken up and I really dont want to lose him, but I dont think I can be with him anymore.


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  • First of all, I'm sorry you're going through this. I think what would definitely help is if you and your boyfriend go off somewhere private and just have a really long and deep talk about it. He could say some things that may help you really click with what decision you need to make for yourself.

    It's most likely, unfortunately, that you will have to break up. I mean, you guys are family, but that's just me, because so many people have different opinions about this.

    • Thank you. And like this is so fucking messed up its crazy. All our friends are going to ask us why we broke up because we were literally like the power couple of everyone, the couple who everyone thought would get married and everything and its going to be humiliating. And I am kind of pissed at my grandad too. And I will talk to him about this. Sadly I can already expect it will lead to a breakup but I at least want to do it on good terms and say good bye instead of just awkwardly drifting apart.

    • Well, if your friends ask, you don't have to say much. You could just say that there were some drastic changes that called for you both to end things on a respectable note. That's all they have to know.

      I can't imagine how hard this is but I think the scariest part about it is just actually being in that moment where you both officially call it off. Surely, the tears will flow harshly, but you have to go through a grieving process in order to heal. It won't be overnight or in a few months becuase you guys have been super close for years. So, it will take time. We all go through our own storms. Mines was mostly the majority of this year. Phew.

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