When your ex gets married as family chose he agrees with it. But still meets you what does this mean?


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  • Can you rephrase the question because this doesn't make much sense?

    • So my exs fanily chose a girl that they wanted him to get married to. He agreed to marry her last month. But he has been meeting me behind her back. Why is he doing this?

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    • You dont know the half of it. I paid for everything gifts food holidays abroad for him. And it meant nothing to him. He took everything and when i contacted his family he ended it with me. And my dad still doesn't know as he knows nothing about this guy who used me throughout. I have to love with my mistake and him getting away through my life. He even showed me pictures his married to make me upset even more after me trying my best to please him and win him to make him feel special

    • He's a total douche. Consider yourself lucky in a way; you dodged a bullet... or a beheading.

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  • I did not understand your question. Please rephrase it.


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