Why couldn't he be real with me?

i found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me and we talked about it...

i decide that I'll give him an other chance but I don't feel that he feel the same about me the way he say he does.

but while I was close to him he never done this before, never. now he makes me feel like he has been, but I don't know. I would be way better if he would have just told me about it, while he was doing it. And at the same time he choose to be with me for the long run, the long distances relationship. so why start this bullsh*t when you could have told me form the start?

Y is it that when I asked him would he like to brake up before I leave or should we work with the long distance relationship, he pick work with the long distance

i don't want to give up on us so easily but I have no choice because he brought us to this, what should I do? I know I shouldn't be asking this when I already know the answer...


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  • WHAT?! Another chance? I personally would not give anyone another chance if they cheated on me. Just shows that you're lenient and he could possibly do it again and then figure you would keep giving him chances. Plus doesn't that ruin the trust in a relationship? I'm sorry he cheated on you though!

  • give up on him. he couldn't even have been honest with you so why give him another chance? he will most likely end up doing it again


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