Why would anyone decide to break up this way?

Why would a guy choose to end his six-month relationship with his first girlfriend at the same (romantic) place they went on their first date together?


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  • Obviously he wasn't satisfied with his decision. Instead of cheating, lying, or faking it. He'd rather call it off.

    • Thanks for your response. I am just not sure I understand what you mean by satisfied with his decision? It just seems like an odd choice to go back to where it all started. It was a special place for us, so why choose that as the place to end it? We were very much in love before it all fell apart. We had our first fight and then it seemed it was over. He was in tears when he broke up. He said we got too serious... but I just think it is weird that he would choose that place. Would you do that?

    • I honestly don't know what you two was fighting over that brought him to tears. So can't say. But I wouldn't take a girl on a romantic date just only to break up. But that's jus me. He probably just had something else in mind. You find it hard to accept that he could just fall out just like that. after good memories you two still have he just wasn't feeling it. I'm still curious to what happen though. But it none of my business.

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  • Sounds like a dick move, or he wasn't aware that you were at the same place you had your first date. I am more stunned why a guy would breakup with a girl via phone on her birthday (happened to a friend of mine). So it could be worse.


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  • Because he's a dick haha sorry but it's as simple as that.

  • What a fuckwit he is.
    You're better off without him


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