What exactly does this mean? " I do not wish to speak to you at this moment, if I choose to speak to you at all I will let you know" ?

Quick synopsis... My boyfriend thinks I cheated on him or was cheating on him for years because someone ( i believe my "friend" who found out I was speaking to my ex again friendly terms and has her own issues with her husband's infidelity ) told him and he also confronted my ex who told him we were ( which HONESTLY we were not! my ex wants me back so tried to break us up ) ...

He won't talk to me.. We have been together for 7 years and basically lived together... He did not want to speak to me at first.. Told me to leave him alone and he will contact me... then a few days later ( after he spoke with my ex) I reached out to my boyfriend like a looney toon and begged him to talk to me and tell me if he wants me out of his life. ... I received " stop " "stop calling and texting " " if for some reason in the future I wish to speak to you I will let you know, your lucky Im fkn talking to you now " " Like I said i choose if and when we speak again " " No we are over you decided this I want nothing to do with you " ... followed by a call where he yelled at me told me to leave him alone he's angry... then ended with a " I do not wish to speak to you at this moment, if I choose to speak to you at all, I will let you know. Stop contacting me "

I was told by everyone I spoke with that I "poked the bear" and wouldn't leave him alone.. But he's telling people were over... Which obviously right now we are... But I have SOOO much proof from my ex stating he is manipulating my relationship and want to show my boyfriend it... But I haven't contacted him in over a week to respect his wishes... What does the "if and when" mean? Does it really mean I may NEVER speak to him again? or was I being way too pushy?



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  • Give him time for now and hopefully when he's ready, he'll let you explain your side in the future


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  • Can you send him screenshots or something? Where is your proof of your ex lying?

    • I would send him screen shots except he blocked my so I wouldn't keep calling him -_- Im pretty relentless... The proof is just multiple texts over the last several months with my ex where I am straight out telling him " WE ARE JUST FRIENDS! STOP! " ... and my ex complaining I "friend zoned him for years" for my current boyfriend..

    • Hmm well that does support your cause, but it's not exactly condemning. What you need is a screenshot where you flat out ask your ex (or otherwise get him to admit) why he lied. Then maybe you can have a friend or someone send him the shot. For now, I guess, just let him cool off.

    • I put my ex on block I want NOTHING to do with him... If boyfriend wants me to do that, I will do it in front of him only... I am not opening up any can of worms without him witnessing it...

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