Did I act like too big of a pushover?

As hard as it is to might come to this realization. I want honest answers.

So, as much context as possible, It was a long distance relationship that lasted roughly one in a half to two months give or take. I was 21 at the time, so was she, now 22. We met once, didn't talk for almost a year aftet, became friends again for about 3 months then the relationship happened. It went good for a while, she became distant and started seeing someone else, broke up with him, came running back to me just wanting to be "friends" and I accepted her back stupidly, eventually, she got back with the other dude after a month.

Alright, now, just a few situations that happened. One time, she completely tore me down on the phone when I (stupidly) was feeling depressed and venting to her and told me quote, "Are you done with your little rant? Work on your low self esteem and get a gameplan together!". I didn't yellor agree, I just laughed it off and talked like nothing happened. At the point, we already broke up but decided remain "friends" for about a few weeks although she constantly ignored me.

Another situation. I got mad at her for ignoring and seeing someone else (she started talking to another guy right after we broke up) and she retorted with a sob story and I apologized. And she gave a half hearted apology too. And didn't talk to me for almost a month.

She came back after she told me the guy told her quote "Ok. Have a nice life" after she didn't wanna have sex with him. She was torn up so I comforted her. She asked if I felt she did me wrong and and I told her yes.

Next scenario, I got a chance to see her because of a layover flight I had. Told her 3 weeks ahead about it. Day comes, said she was at a friend's baby shower she didn't see in months. Told her about it. She gave a long apology and said she was dating the guy again too.

Told her to lose my number and everything. Now she wants to tell me how important I am and she wants to keep talking to me.

Was I too soft?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes you do

    • "Do". I mean, you don't know my personality and who I am so I don't see how you can pass a judgement on how I act on a constant basis. I just asked about this particular situation. But thanks for your input

What Guys Said 2

  • Were you too soft? WHAT? Too soft is an understatement. You acted like a doormat and she walked all over you. You need to learn self respect, boundaries, self esteem and more.

  • Yup, sack up, d00d.


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