can't get over my ex after months. Is my situation hopeless?

Had the most amazing girl of my dreams and a beautiful relationship with her until she broke up with me a couple of months ago for no real reason other than she wasn't sure if she saw a future between us. I was devastated and nearly lost my mind.. I went no contact during which she messaged me a few times eventually asking to meet for a drink. I met her for a drink and she broke down crying telling me she wanted to try again and that she misses me.. we agreed to go on a date the following week and the time in between were texting chatting as normal. Then the day before the date she told me she doesn't see a future between us and wants to concentrate on her work etc.

We still ended up going out on the date had an amazing time together kissing touching and feeling really like a couple again. At the end of it she asked to see me again over the next few weeks but I told her we can't keep speaking seeing each other if she doesn't want a relationship between us.

I feel gutted, I'm a good looking guy who gets a lot of attention from women, in good shape, have a good job and good social circle. I don't understand whats preventing things - she's crying, telling me she loves me etc.

I don't know what to do and can't stop thinking about her and wanting to message her. I feel like my situation is hopeless and can't imagine a future without her in it - but at the same time I can't keep her around if im so deeply in love with her.


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  • I know the feeling, trust me. Until she knows exactly what she wants, and it is a relationship, then her coming back and forth, in and out of your life will just hurt you even more. I've experienced it with the guy I am in love with. If he comes back again, he needs to know what he wants.

    • Is she seeing anyone else?

    • I've asked her but she says no despite being on online dating.. who knows. appreciate your opinion

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  • Well if she can't decide if she wants to be with you its probably for the best you let her go. Letting her back in to your life then her leaving over and over is just gonna cause you more pain. Find a girl that can make up her mind and will stay and not play these kind of games.


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  • I'm currently going through the same situation except it's the other way around. From my experience I'm wanting on him to text first, don't know if he will or not but just got to wait and see. I think you should do the same, it's hard but then at least this way you'll know for sure if she loves you


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  • Whatever it is you have to go no contact with her.. This girl is hell confused... the more you let her use you like that the more she will get over you... you got to respect yourself and keep her away of she doesn't want any thing seriously..

    Aldo you should put pics with other women to make her know that you got other options too...


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