Stay or Move on?

Me and my boyfriend were together for 4/ 1/2 years and for 3 years straight we were use to seeing each other everyday. Until this year we both moved but only 1hr and 30mins away. We recently decided to put the relationship on hold because of the distance. I am so hurt! And still want to try to fight through for the relationship. Should I or should I just ignore him and allow him to do the chasing? We went from daily text to not texting anything no Goodmorning or goodnight since we broke up. He said that this maybe what we need to get our life on track? Which tricked a little light bulb in my head. Maybe he wants time to play.. I told him I would NOT wait for him to figure hisself out and that my next relationship will be my husband. He goes that might just be me... I'm not going to put those thoughts in my head... Here is where t gets tricky we have a trip already planned which we can't get money back from. I decided we go as friends but there will be no intercourse and we will go as Friends. Help please there is like a million questions here. Thank you!!! All so much!


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  • You should move on. It's clear the distance isn't working..


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  • Did you guys move in separate directions? And why?

    • I got accepted in a university and he got offered a good paying job.

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    • Awwww man!!! I'm so sorry that happen I hope it all turns back around !!

    • Thank you very much.

      I really hope you guys find a way to make it work. 💕

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