When do you know it's time to leave?

So I have been in a two year relationship. I can describe it best as.. when its good, its beautiful. when its bad, its extremely bad. He has anger issues and has extended fights, called me names, etc etc. I have forgiven him time and time again..

Over time, I feel like my feelings are not as strong. But I am also confused because of all the noise. My siblings no longer want me to be with him. So at this point it's hard to tell if I feel this way because of me, or because of people's opinions.

I know what he has done is so wrong, and has probably weakened our relationships trust, values, etc. Recently he poured out his heart, telling me how he came to this realization of how much wrong he has done by me and even his family. At this point, I don't know if I should even believe this. As much as it seems genuine, I have a fear of repetition. I have a fear of starting over, being alone, marrying the wrong person. etc. I just need some solid advice.
(He has started anger management as well)


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  • Usually when you deeply feel like the relationship is slowly becoming worse or it already is pretty bad then that's usually the time to consider the worst. Also if you are starting to lose hope, lose faith and lose your love for him. Lastly I think when you start to remember the days when things were good between you two and think about it a lot, is also another sign.

  • Advice? Only you know the truth. I can tell you a bunch of things but what I can't tell you is what your heart is telling you. But I think you already know the answer. I think the reason you are conflicted and unsure is because you know it's time to end this relationship and do not want to because of fear of the future - fear of the unknown.
    It's best to listen to your heart and be true to what you are feeling. But only you know that. I suggest you spend some time alone and do deep soul searching and come away with what is best for YOU not anyone else


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  • YOu know you gotta leave. its the only way


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