I suspect that my guy is cheating on me. Can anyone help?

guys and girls,

i suspect that my guy is cheating on me!please read... we've been together since a month and he flirts with other girls online.someone even told me that he has another girlfriend and he had sex with her yesterday! so,is there any way that I can sneak into his profile?i mean- hack his profile(for like 20 mins). I'll just take a look at his friends and sign off.i won't do any harm to his profile.any hackers on this site?please help.

please answer.


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  • I just went thru this last year. Girls were textin him and leaving him voicemails and he even had a private MySpace. It was hard for me to leave him, but I told him we need a bread because I don't have time for all the lying and games. We were apart for 3 months and it was hell for him. I enjoyed myself tho. We are back together now, but once he seen that I can do just fine without him he got his sh*t together. Maybe ya'll need a break. You do you and let him be. He'll realize he lost a good thing.

    • Cool.i am sure that'll help.

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  • If he's disrespecting you & telling you all this nonsense then why is he still your boyfriend?

    He's not even worth your time to be hacking.

  • Sorry sweetheart, not much that can be done. Your very young and may just want to move on from such an immature guy... Hacking a site isn't that easy or it would be done way more often. If this is something you really really want to do.. do a search online for something called a "keylogger" Have you boyfriend sign into whatever you wanted to hack on your computer with the keylogger, this will save whatever he types, even in the password part, without letting anyone know.

    Really though, this is not a good person and should be dismissed. Hope I helped.


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  • You can't 'hack' into his account.

    You'd need his password, and since you don't have it, you're out of luck.

    My advice is to stop being so insecure over this tool and just drop him like a bad habit. I see you're under 18, there's plenty of other fish in the sea.

    Good luck.

    • Yeah.hehe.nice answer.

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