What the hell my ex wants?

My ex broke up with me a year ago, we were in a relationship for almost 3 years, 3 months ago we started dating again, then she said one time she wasn't feeling the same, that she was no longer feeling it, somehow we were fuck buddies later, theeen she dumped me and said we should stop seeing each other and hanging out, because one day i told her i didn't have much cash and she in front of her friend called me cheap and started asking me food of her and her friend, which i coulent buy and wouldn't because she asked it in a bad way...

After she cut me loose she wanted to keep texting and calling me, i didn't want that and she said that the fact that she is not in love with me and doesn't want anyrhing to do with me shldnt make is enemies. I told her i dont wanna be her friend and ignored her whinning texts.

2 weeks later i deleted her from social media and yesterday she commented on an ig pic i uploaded with another girl "so cute!!! " ... later messaged me on twitter (have a good life <3 i love you baby) . maybe she realized i deleted her so she deleted me too... but wtf
What the hell my ex wants?
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