If no contact fails.. then what?

So my ex broke up with me I did no contact, and improved myself during that time, she asked to meet broke down telling me she still loves me etc. and then a week later changed her mind and said she doesn't see a future between us.

What are you meant to do now - I know move on is the easiest option but I do love this girl, is there any other option if no contact fails?


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  • Communication is the only way to salvage relationships. Sometimes people need time alone to mediate and work out what they really want, but silence distances two people. The less contact you have , the more likely feelings will fade... over time

    So communication is paramount. Plus, resolving past issues or coming to a mutual compromise, so you can both move forward from the past problems, and work together to a new look future with each other


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  • Why did you break up?

    • she just wasn't sure if she saw a future between us, in my opinion the spark died a little - loss of attraction I guess

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    • Give her a few days and then send her some flowers with a nice note.

    • And send those flowers to her at work. You score many more points with a lady when she can hold up those flowers for her co-workers to see. And maybe the co-workers will say, "Gee, this guy really loves you. Maybe you should give him another chance."

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