Do I let her go or wait for her?

My girlfriend who I have been on and off with for 4 years just broke up with me again a month ago, everything was fine though because I thought I could fix it and we were making progress but now she has started dating a guy from her childhood that she says she has liked almost her entire life. Only problem is this guy is a complete loser who is in and out of jail for drugs and lives with his grandparents. My ex has children that I have over the years started to think of as my own so I can't exactly cut her off and not talk to her anymore because I still want them in my life and they have no other father figure, their real father has nothing to do with them and that's a good thing because he is garbage. My problem is this new guy is obviously just another loser who will lie and cheat on her just like everyone else she's ever been with except me but I can't forgive her again for betraying me she's already had him over a night and had sex with him on their first date which is more than I can handle but it also leads me to believe he is just going to use her. she only seems to attract jerks and losers but I was different I have a good job and am stable I have provided for her since we first became friends even before I fell for her I have never let her down or her kids down. This guy also just broke up with his girlfriend just hours before my ex messaged him so I think Their both just rebounding and I can probably have her back at some point if I want her but I'm tired of this game I've had to get her back from 2 other jerks she was with for awhile each of who cheated many times and were into drugs and this will be the 3rd. How can I make her see that she will not be able to come and go from me as she pleases anymore how do I make her realize what she is about to lose. I know she doesn't want to lose me we have called each other best friends for years now whether we were together or not and she really is mine but I can't take this anymore.
Also need to say that this new guy didn't respond to her messages for almost a day and she called me crying about it, but then he finally answered her and said he was busy but not to busy to see her message and be posting stuff on facebook just too busy to reply.


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  • If you want something bad enough and are convinced that this is what you want and it will make you happy and her happy then life is too short to be waiting around. But, be very careful about what you choose because its so easy to go back into old habits

    • She told me last night she just can't settle down yet and that she wants to be free and have fun which translates to me as go date and have sex with other guys cause I've told her many times that the only thing she's not allowed to do if she's with me which is obvious. She told me flat out we will get back to get her someday and get married but I can't wait for her anymore I've been waiting on her for far too long but I can't move on either.

  • You really have high standards eh

    • Yeah i know I should do better but she's the only one who's ever showed interest in me and as I said before i love her kids.

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