Why is our "relationship" so confusing?

-Been with a guy for almost 2 years.
-Extrememly on and off, always fight with each other
-Families don't like us with each other
-Broke up mid July
-Didn't talk for almost 2 weeks, but then I reached out to him one day when i was drunk
-Still not technically together, but we still call each other every day
-When we see each other ( not often) we do everything we used to do
-We stopped saying I love you since we broke up
-We are technically not boyfriend and girlfriend, but we are still involved
-We get jealous when the other person mentions someone else
-We both aren't involved with anyone else, but we still aren't a couple ourselves
-Its just hard for me to say we are together even though to the outside, we are doing everythingn a couple does
-We are even going out on our 2 year anniversary

Its sooo confusing. I refuse to call him my boyfriend or even say I love you after we broke up, but we both act so clingy with each other (especially me even though I was the one to break up with him and he never wanted to).

Why is this so confusing?


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  • Because you're both stupid. This has never worked nor will it ever. After two miserable years it should be obvious you're wasting your time


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