He cheated on me I feel so alone?

I was with him for almost 7 months I found out he had been living with his ex as one day she phoned and asked why I kept phoneing her boyfriend. I lied so that his daughter won't have to deal with a broken family but now I feel alone and hurt I don't know what to do with my self anymore I just want the pain to go away... Am I not good enough and to hard to love? Will I ever meet someone?


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  • Aw, I'm sorry to hear that you are hurting so badly. It's very selfless of you to protect his daughter.

    You think you're somehow hard to love? I think your kindness shows it's just the opposite. It's not your fault he's a jerk, so don't blame yourself. I'm sure you will meet someone, and he'll be lucky to have you.

    Best of luck. I wish you every future happiness!

    • Aww thank u this made me smile I am not very selfless I just don't want people to get hurt because of me I just hope someone is out there for me as I have so. much love to give thank u again x

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  • 'm so sorry,

    What I thought was "the love of my life" did this to me... I found out in a much different way but we were seeing each other for about the same amount of time.

    What can I say, I went totally ott went out got totally wasted felt better for about 10 mins, then spent 7 months moping... I worked and worked and worked and made myself busy, lost weight, changed my hair... I changed my number and got rid of his phone number as not to tempt myself.

    About 12 months later I found someone else, and was with him for 12 years he was "safe" wouldn't have cheated on me if his life depended on it, I think the key is finding someone who loves you more (sounds bad but it's just the way it is). We have a girl and she's beautiful, I knew he wasn't the one, and just put up with it... So what are my regrets and what did I learn. . I learnt that you never quite get over being cheated on but if you hide it down inside of you it will eventually come out if you ever meet someone who you "love more" as I recently found out, I eventually left my daughter's dad and a few years later I met what I'm going to call "the one" he's amazing and ticks all the boxes, but guess what's happened? I'm a total mess, get jealous, don't trust, basically had issues for the first year... So I saw a councillor and since then an doing just fine, the lesson I'd say is... Get therapy for this, because it will bite you if you hide it away like I did for so long.

    Sorry for such a long reply but it's 15 years worth in a few sentences.

    • Thank u I get scared I will die alone I hate feeling like I'm not enough I have never been so hurt but thank u again. Xxx

    • I know, this is why it's really important to talk to someone, you can talk to therapists online FREE for 7 days before you pay... it really will help you, I promise.

      I can promise also that this too shall pass, and you will find someone else, but take care of yourself right now forget about meeting someone else, quite natural to feel like that. The website is called: betterhelp dot com

    • Thank u I really can't thank u enough xxx

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  • This is definitely not your fault at all. This just reflects on him as a person don't blame yourself


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