If your boyfriend/girlfriend is willing to meet up to talk, does it still mean that they wanna break up?

My boyfriend and I fought one night. He named called me, threaten to break up, I was already feeling frustrated, etc. Next day, he acts like nothing happened. I'm hurt, because of that and I wanted to be left alone. Didn't say that to him because I didn't want to give another reason to talk about my anger issues. I told him how I feel last night. He pretty much said it wouldn't work, wants to exchange our things on Saturday, whether or not we talked or end on good terms.

I text him this morning to let please work this out. I don't want for us to be over; I really just wanted to talk for Saturday. I sincerely, sincerely believe there is a miscommunication and I believe we can fix this. I really hope he can give us a chance tomorrow to talk without being angry. I don't think this should be something to break up over. I apologised for upsetting him; I've just been trying to communicate.

He texts me hours later, "Sorry, been busy. Sure, we can."

Do I still need to bring over my stuff? I specifically said I didn't want for us to break up and to talk. Does he still wanna break up or actually talk things out?


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  • He wants to talk things out.

  • just let him go don't "beg" him for a second chance he will sooner or later say he wants to break up.
    If you keep being scared for this he will just use it against you and take advantage of it like threaten you / black mail etc.


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