Would he cheat on me?

So I've been talking to this guy for about 5months, and we just hung out for the first time tonight. I knew he had a girlfriend, but thought there would be no harm in just hanging out. We were sitting on my bed watching a movie, he had his hands around me and everything...then started kissing me. For a few minutes I thought nothing of it, then "HE HAS A GF" popped into my mind, I pushed him off and we went back to watching the movie. It happened again, and I said "Look, I don't feel comfortable doing this, plus you have a girlfriend and I've been cheated on I know how it feels".he said that he'll just leave so it doesn't go further. Then he sent me a text saying he likes me a lot and wants to dump his girlfriend for me. SO my ?..do you think he'd d the same to me? Please Help!


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  • Hello,

    The man has no self control and as the saying goes. "if he cheated on them he'll cheat on you". lets say you get together, can you really trust that he won't do the same to you next time he meets a girl he just wants to "Hang Out" with, the fact is he should have been single BEFORE he even accepted lying next to you in bed simply as a sign of respect for his current girlfreind.

    if he can't offer the women he's with that simple sign of respect when she's not around then you have to question his integrity.

    Good Luck



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  • Knowing how an immature mind works as I've had one in the past, yes. This is not a guy looking for a commitment. He is just looking for the next best thing from what I can tell. They way he treats his girl and how he acts while with her is the same thing he would do to you. Sad but true. Best of luck with whatever you decide.

    • Thanks Alot!!

      I think ill just stop talking to him all-in-all.

      You made a great point.

    • I'm glad I could offer any help or insight. Good luck with getting everything figured out! There are so many guys out there, why settle for a sleezeball.

    • Yeah very true..i'd just be hurting myself in the end, and to me that's not worth it.

      Thankyou soo much!

  • There's a good chance he will. To a guy like that, there's nothing which separates you from every other girl in the world so he has no reason not to. It's always natural for somebody to want what they can't have and as you've sat there and said "You've got a girlfriend so hands off" it only makes him want you more.

    Leave well alone.


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