Hoes over A Girlfriend?

My ex and I broke up because he wanted to be alone, but he says he'd rather have hoes to keep him company? Why do boys choose hoes over a girlfriend that would do ANYTHING for them?


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  • Maybe he just want the benefits without the drama. As a couple people have to learn how to come to an agreement even if it's a sacrifice they have to make because of their differences. Hoes are not the way to go because they will be a hoe to the other fellows too. He won't be the only one.


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  • They're not ready for a commitment.

    It does not make him a bad person but rather someone who is honest with themselves.
    I'd rather someone tell me this up front rather than becoming official with me and hurting me along the way.
    Now that is not only deceptive but immature and selfish.


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  • because boys are stupid and literally think with their dicks instead of their brains. the idea of having all these girls chasing you at once is great to them but you will find a guy that doesn't need that to feel good and only wants one girl!

  • because he doesn't really care about you and just wants sex with randoms (ew, i know) boys are dumb


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