Why is it this back and fourth indesisivness like with ex? Something still there or unfinished?

since our bu we have had sex a few times. I know not good but in August we still did and one day he said he felt like it was not a good idea anymore bc it wasn't fair to either of us. I thought that was it. A little while later we wound up back in the same position and then he said it again. So I basically stopped talking to him. Then he contacted me recently and asked if we were still talking because he hasn't heard from me. We talked for the past 4 days and he answered quickly. It seemed good. Then one night he was asking me all these questions and asked to hang so we did and wound up having sex. The next day he wasn't really responding and sure enough he sent me a text saying he knows it seems like a back and fourth thing with this but he still thinks it's not a good idea. Wth is with him? Either it's a yes or no. Can't keep going back and fourth. Is there something still there? To me it feels like it and I would like to try again but I don't know. I have this thing written out of my feelings from when we broke up that I haven't sent yet bc I guess just nervous.


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  • Haven't fully moved on

    • Him? I know I still have feeelings and want us again, but him to keep saying we should not do this anymore and then fall back into it again. I just don't get it and what to do. He seems like her serious when he say that but then it happens and it makes me think he still has those feelings but maybe is afraid or something