Does he miss me or was this just fluke?

So my ex contacted me recently. A little background; We're both 22. We broke up about a 1.5 months ago but it wasn't really a break up. We had a disagreement about something and then there was a lot of miscommunication which ultimately lead to us to just not speaking. Not long ago I had to return his DVD player. He sent me a message saying thanks then another message saying he was near an area where I work. I guess he was trying see if I was up for seeing him or something?

Anyways he had been looking at my stuff online A LOT but then it slowed down quite a bit. Then he looked at my stuff again that day and contacted me. I saw that he was on a trip (social media) and he reached out to me via text. He was being his usual funny self. He was engaged, sending lengthy messages, replying back quickly. He even made an inside joke but eventually he didn't reply back.

Now I'm just convinced that was a fluke thing, my best friend is convinced that his contact wasn't and he's just unsure about how to go about addressing the elephant in the room. So does he miss me or was this just some random occurrence?

I do miss him a lot, especially since the reason why we're not together anymore is silly and nothing bad happened between us. I was so happy to hear from him but I just think it was a random moment :/


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  • Great question! It’s so interesting how when something occurs in our lives, we apply the teachings of our well-meaning parents and peers which tries to measure emotions on a scale: if you get a Facebook “like” how much affection does that add up to?

    The real answer is that everything you see is just a sediment, a manifestation, of yesterday’s thoughts. Your relationship with this boy is eternal and it exists: you met, you were together, and so your spirits will always be connected. It’s a vibration, sometimes active, sometimes not, but always latent, potentially there. All you have to do is think about him and bam! There’s the relationship.

    So you can see this as an activation of this eternal relationship and the answer to your question “what does it mean?” is, it means he was activating the vibration of your relationship and thinking fondly of it, just like you are too. But don’t try and quantify it or measure it. It’s a manifestation and so enjoy it. If you and he both keep thinking like this, you may end up together again. You may also attract another, better match to you. But the important thing is to keep connecting to your spirit.

    Remember how you first met and fell in love. It wasn’t a measured, thought out process. It was organic and magical and so is all of life if you view everything as manifestations. Don’t suddenly try and quantify and analyze it, even though you were taught to, like we all were. In other words, what you see isn’t the real world, the spirit world is the real world and the physical world is the result of what does on in the spirit world. And when I say spirit world, I mean the non-physical world.

    Does this make sense?


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