Should I call ex boyfriend back?

Broke up 2 weeks ago, everything was FINE. we didn't fight or have any real issues.He is 39 and I'm his first relationship. Been together 3.5 years.Came home and he was gone. He called me 2 days after leaving and left voice message saying why.

I need to know if people think I should call him back. when he left message he said 4 times that he loved me and when he hung up from message he said "i love you."

He just took off and moved back to his hometown state.

He expected a call from me in response to his call but I never called him back. Been 2 weeks should I call him?

I want to have the upper hand here but I don't want to think I don't care. Do I call and be cool? Or NOT call and see if he misses me and eventually calls me? I think he expected me to call him back.

He called with the reason he broke up, to me this is not a call to get back together- that's why I'm confused.


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  • Not all guys will call back haha just to let you know don't know what type of guy he is but some guys if you don't call they won't call. Its the chance you have to take if you want to play the upper hand haha good luck

    • Yes I totally agree with you. He's a shy quiet guy so I don't know what to do at this point. He might just say screw it if I don't call him back, but I want him to miss me. thanks for the advice.

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  • sounds like he couldn't face you to break it off with you so instead he left...and for him to leave for 2days..that is wrong and disrepectful for him not telling you what's going on...he either has someone else or just doesn't want to further the relationship. that's my opinion.

  • i think you shouldnt call. if he really misses you and loves you he will call you and try to figure out all that has happend. even though he is quiet after 3.5 years of being together I think he will be able to talk. GOOD LUCK!

  • babe after 3.5 years you should not be wondering if you should call or not...


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