The best way to get over someone is to improve yourself?

Yes or no?

I think this is true. If you focus only on yourself and set goals, such as a better body, look better in terms of make-up and clothing etc, you'll feel more confident and think 'I don't need them, they don't fucking deserve me'.
I found (am finding) it very helpful to get over a friend. I saw her gaining weight, which I know shouldn't be something I should care about but I just know she hates it, I saw her getting sadder every time I smiled more or she saw me happy, probably because she knows what she misses. I'm just feeling more confident and happier.
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  • Personally no, because the way I get over someone is by cutting all means of contact and focusing on the present rather than feeding memories by reminiscing happier times with that person

    Trying to improve yourself to get over someone is focusing your attention on that person rather than yourself. I don't need to prove my worth to people from my past. I'm happy with who I am and my appearance.

    If I make changes to improve any aspect of my life or myself it'll be for me alone, and no one else

  • I agree and you should indulge in some chocolate ice cream

  • yes with improving yourself as a goal, you will attract Mr right to you, or Mr ex will want you back and you will have to worry about how to get rid of him


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