My girlfriend has feelings for another guy should I stay with her?

OK so I've been going out with this girl for some time now. Everything was perfect like 3 days ago, until this guy she had liked started talking to her and telling her he liked her. But I know for a fact the guy isn't being sincere. I really love her and don't wanna lose her but I don't wanna be in a relationship where she doesn't even trust herself talking to the guy. For now I've given her some time to think but I figure she should end any contact with the guy and if not just end the relationship and prevent myself from getting hurt any further any suggestions on what to do or tell her?


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  • From the title - Fuck no. Move on.

    You love her, which is great; but she has feelings for someone else? Instantaneously and without a doubt, that's a huge red-flag; where she isn't receiving enough of __ factor from you, so she needs to find it in another guy.

    !@#$ that sh*t. Move on immediately; otherwise you will be hurt immensely. Trust me.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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