How to get over someone?

So I've realized that I'm no longer willing to wait for this guy I was in love with. The problem is that I catch myself thinking about him during the day. His smile is still driving me crazy. And even if I'm determined to forget him it's quite hard since I know I'll see him soon.

How do you guys deal with forgetting someone? What do you do to forget someone? And what do you do when you see this person again?


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  • Trying to forget someone you still love or care about is like trying to remember someone you've never met. You just can't! You can't just shut off your feelings for someone.

    There's no quick remedy to cure a heartbreak, and it's not a case of getting over it. It's a case of getting through it. People feed memories by reminiscing so they keep their pain raw.

    All you can do is focus your mind on things other than him. Keep busy and spend time with friends. Try something new and change your routine. Delete all pics and messages. Gradually your feelings will fade and your pain will ease, but for now just be patient with yourself. Sometimes it takes your heart longer to accept what you head already knows.

    Trust me, hearts do heal and they do love again.


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