What does it mean when a guy says " I will reach out to her when I'm ready" ?

boyfriend and I haven't spoke in 2 1/2 weeks... Together for 7 years... Found out I was friends with my ex for years and assumes I was cheating on him all this time... I tried talking to him the first week but all he said was I will let you know if and when I choose to speak to you for some reason... His family has deleted me and anyone I associate with from social media... My boyfriend deleted my best friend and my cousin I am very close with but left the rest of my family ( brothers, cousins, aunts ) on his social media... I am trying to read signs...

Our mutual guy friend told me that they spoke the other day and my boyfriend said he was hurt because he was blindsided by the whole situation and he's obviously hurt because he loves me and I am his best friend ;-( He also said my boyfriend said he will contact me when he's ready for the conversation...

I am not sure exactly what that means.. I know he definitely needs time to heal and process everything because regardless of anything I did hide my friendship from him...

Guys - how do you prepare for a serious conversation?


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  • I dont understand why he's mad though, I personally don't feel a point in keeping in touch or friends with an ex but he simply should've just said he didn't know and whatever he wished for you to do about it. Its really not a big deal what is he "healing" from, its not like you lied, its not like he asked you to list all your ex's and whom you're friends with, he's being a complete sook about it and he needs to grow a pair. Anyway when you feel like you're ready to move forward let him know that you want to make the relationship work and its not fair.

    • He's angry because he received "information" from an anonymous source saying I was cheating behind his back with this ex.. and when he confronted my ex, my ex told him yes we were... I was aware that my ex had it out for him and wanted me back, but this made it a very VERY big disaster...

    • If he really did trust you in the first place he would ask the person to provide proof and not just believe everything he hear. I would contact my ex and ask him why he would lie and ruin my relationship just because he doesn't like your boyfriend doesn't mean he has to hurt you while trying to get back at him. i could only imagine your frustration, just be adamant about you loyaly and don't back down.

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