Ladies, how long did it take your boyfriend (ex) to call you after a breakup?

I mean you not contacting him at all until he called you?

Weeks, months?


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  • my ex broke up with me I waited 3 month and gave up.he finally called 8 months later.

  • Well my ex boyfriend broke up with me 3 months ago because of religion and I didn't text him or call him AT ALL because I wanted to wait to see if he would text me! it was the hardest thing ever, I was constantly picking up the phone abt to text him, but I held myself back, till he finally texted me 6 days later. And ever since then I HAVE BEEN texting him non freaking stop. almost everyday and I need to stop because its obsessive and creepy and its only pushing him away. Trust me, wait for him, because he will eventually text you.

    • It depends on the breakup but to be honest, with me (and those games) you'd wait for my text a very very long time.

    • Awww I'm sorry for you.thats my predicament, because I'm not emotionally ready to talk to him and "be his friend" yet, and its been 2 weeks. And I haven't called him at all. Your situation is what I'm afraid Id do! Once I call, I wouldn't be able to stop.Well I hope you 2 are OK.

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