Should I tell her, that my biggest win is that she rejected me? Thats how I can only forget her?

I can't stop thinking about a girl, who rejected me, only forgeting her I want to say I'am happy by her choice, I already told her goodbye, but is it worth second try?
  • Yes, she will think I'm confident
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  • No, she will think I'm creep and weak guy
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  • Don't tell anything, ignore her
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn't, because contacting her shows you still think about her and that the rejection has affected you. It'll have the opposite affect of what you're hoping to achieve

    I'd cut contact and move on


Most Helpful Guy

  • Omg seriously don't treat yourself like a dumb please... There is a lot of women in our world just 1 of them rejected you that doesn't means all of them will. Just forget that b*tch and try for another...


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  • Saying anything shows you still care, just let it be

  • No you don't need to tell her. If you don't care then don't do anything at all.


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