Reached out to ex MANY Times but no Response?

This guy ended our "more-than-friend" friendship with me saying that his girlfriend doesn't like it. I did no contact for a month then reached out to him couple of times, telling him I miss him and sharing funny stories with him. Also told him that if he doesn't tell me to 'stop', I would continue to message him to share stuffs. He completely ignored my messages. I am surprised that he still hasn't blocked me. If I am in his shoes, I would block the person, which I had done in the past to guys who kept contacting me even after I told them I was not attracted/interested in them. I don't know what he thinks... part of me thinks that he is trying very hard not to respond because if he does, this would encourage me to keep contacting him and our conversations would stray back to 'more-than-friend'? Please help!


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  • I don't think you should be too pushy or he'll get annoyed. Just send him one text telling him exactly how you feel about this situation and how you want to resolve this tension. The rest will be up to him. If he still continues to ignore your messages, there's not much else you could do...

  • Just leave him alone. You're going to drive yourself insane.


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