Why has my Ex has contacted me all week after 8 months of silence?

Ex has texted me all week. We broke up 9 months ago, she didn't even waste no time getting a new 2 weeks later, and moved in with the guy.

9 months later im hearing how he cheated on her, disrespect her, treat her like shhh, kicked her out his place and brough a new girl over.

our relationship was 3 years long, we had bumps and bruises but I always showed her love and respect.

She he texted me after 9 months of NC, I stayed LC but she was pouring out how bad he was treating her, and she felt like breaking down so many times because of him. I wanted to comment to her and be like "karma of messing over someone who loves you is the ahole U end up with". But I didn't I just told her I had to go because "she's looking for someone to save her, but that's her mess". After I ttold her I had to go, I told myself I'm going back NC. Until she cleans up her mess with him.

sincd then she texted me twice late at night saying "hope you had a good night", two mornings ago she sent me a picture of me and her saying "look at this picture I found of us I remember this day" I stayed strong and didn't break NC.

today around 3 she texted me "hey, would you want to go on a am adventure with me"? I'm staying NC and don't plan to break it


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  • Sounds like is a negative place and feels unloved. She is looking at your relationship as much more positive and is second guessing her decisions. Unfortunately once she recovers she probably doesn't still love you but rather wants attention and support. If she kept trying to have contact after awhile I'd say she really is regretful. Right now her emotions are too raw to take it seriously.

  • she sounds like a mess man. you doing the best thing congrats. she will always look at the other side and think it's greener. let it be

    • Thank you! She sounded like it to that's why I backed off not trying be "captain save you from your mess"

    • and maybe he treated her like s*** because she's a terrible person. what you did was so awesome
      don't forget that

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