Why has my Ex has contacted me all week after 8 months of silence?

Ex has texted me all week. We broke up 9 months ago, she didn't even waste no time getting a new 2 weeks later, and moved in with the guy.

9 months later im hearing how he cheated on her, disrespect her, treat her like shhh, kicked her out his place and brough a new girl over.

our relationship was 3 years long, we had bumps and bruises but I always showed her love and respect.

She he texted me after 9 months of NC, I stayed LC but she was pouring out how bad he was treating her, and she felt like breaking down so many times because of him. I wanted to comment to her and be like "karma of messing over someone who loves you is the ahole U end up with". But I didn't I just told her I had to go because "she's looking for someone to save her, but that's her mess". After I ttold her I had to go, I told myself I'm going back NC. Until she cleans up her mess with him.

sincd then she texted me twice late at night saying "hope you had a good night", two mornings ago she sent me a picture of me and her saying "look at this picture I found of us I remember this day" I stayed strong and didn't break NC.

today around 3 she texted me "hey, would you want to go on a am adventure with me"? I'm staying NC and don't plan to break it
Why has my Ex has contacted me all week after 8 months of silence?
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