How to get over someone?

I just broke up with my girlfriend. We had so many amazing times, and great memories, but she broke it off with me in a rather hurtful way. She just stopped talking to me, randomly, and when she finally took the initiative to contact me, she broke it off, over text. I then see her on social media, about how she has fallen for another guy in school, and has started talking to him. I don't know how it happened, but I'm guessing it was when she ghosted me for a week and a half. I always tried to be there for her, do whatever I could, and she told me I was the best guy in the world (which made me fell so special and in love), literally days before she ghosted me. The worst problem is, no matter what, I still love her. I still look at things, and see things that remind me of her. I hear and listen to jokes that I think she would find funny. I hear a song she would like, food, everything. Its like every little thing reminds me of her, yet she hurt me so bad. How do I get over this? How do I move forward? I know you all don't have the magic answer, but any advice from personal situations may be able to help me.
How to get over someone?
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