How to get over someone?

I just broke up with my girlfriend. We had so many amazing times, and great memories, but she broke it off with me in a rather hurtful way. She just stopped talking to me, randomly, and when she finally took the initiative to contact me, she broke it off, over text. I then see her on social media, about how she has fallen for another guy in school, and has started talking to him. I don't know how it happened, but I'm guessing it was when she ghosted me for a week and a half. I always tried to be there for her, do whatever I could, and she told me I was the best guy in the world (which made me fell so special and in love), literally days before she ghosted me. The worst problem is, no matter what, I still love her. I still look at things, and see things that remind me of her. I hear and listen to jokes that I think she would find funny. I hear a song she would like, food, everything. Its like every little thing reminds me of her, yet she hurt me so bad. How do I get over this? How do I move forward? I know you all don't have the magic answer, but any advice from personal situations may be able to help me.


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  • Oh buddy, I am so sorry...

    Yeah, I know the feeling: loving someone so much that really... doesn't deserve it anymore.

    One of the first things I'd tell you is... you have to move on... resolutely. I had a guy I dated for over a year, and we held each other back from moving on. It's nice to feel like someone is ALWAYS there for you, but it is so easy to get used...

    When things fall apart with this new guy, she will probably come crying back for comfortt, apologizing for ever leaving you... Don't set yourself up for this pain again. You will repeat this song over and over and over...

    Part of moving on is remembering why she left: for another guy. But the other half is forgiving her. Don't hold onto resent... but I wouldn't let her back in again either... and she probably will beg within the next year :/


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  • There is no magic answer because we are all individuals and do this gs differently. I say tge fact us why be hung up on someone that did you so dirty... I mean 1st the situation was totally handled inappropriately on her end, and further more she isn't to discreet about blasting this change over on social media so she really isn't too intent on your feelings. I say move on, don't be so thoughtful of someone who basically isn't thinking about you.

  • Get another girl dude, you're young don't take chicks too seriously, they're impulsive creatures/they aren't looking for long term relationships when they're young lol

    Not to mention they don't like it when you get all emotional with them


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