Should I delete pictures of my ex-girlfriend?

For clarification, this breakup isn't recent and I don't have any interest in getting back together with her. It was my first relationship a few years back in my senior year of high school, and lets just say I was very naive and missed a lot of things due to her constant lying. Also, and I'm not trying to be mean; but judging from her high body count and the fact she tried to get with two of my closest friends, she's kind of a slut. Between all her lies, and the fact she dated me because my friend turned her down, it's kind of tainted the memories for me. I don't hate her, and I know she still has the pictures of us, because she's insisted on being friends (I'm pretty much her safety net, she thinks I still want her) but I don't exactly have the fondest opinion of her either. The friends I mentioned earlier have cut her off, because they got tired of her advances towards them and I'm starting to lean that way myself. But anyways, some people say I should keep the pictures because I'll regret getting rid of them, others say chuck em. I'm 50-50 and hoping the opinion of you guys will help me decide. So what do you think I should do?


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  • I have all "Millions" of Pix from the Past, even if some were not a Blast.
    I Never Ever... Throw out any of them. In fact, they are All in Photo Albums, hun.
    Now, as far as Media Site goes, with your Profile Pix deal, it's okay to "Delete" their Tweet. You are Single now.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for the Vote of Confidence and again, I see "Magic" below, with another Millionth Press of a Mind boggling Button to "Deactivate."xx

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  • delete the pictures of her and move on... if u keep sticking to her pictures it will make u remember ur past


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  • Yes delete them. It's pointless holding onto the past. Life's meant to be travelled forwards not backwards.

  • Why don't you keep the pictures, as long as their not all on display there's nothing wrong with keeping them


What Guys Said 1

  • well i suggest you compile it and put it somewhere you won't see everyday..
    remember to put some password in it
    save solution since if you want it back
    there is still there


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