Should I delete pictures of my ex-girlfriend?

For clarification, this breakup isn't recent and I don't have any interest in getting back together with her. It was my first relationship a few years back in my senior year of high school, and lets just say I was very naive and missed a lot of things due to her constant lying. Also, and I'm not trying to be mean; but judging from her high body count and the fact she tried to get with two of my closest friends, she's kind of a slut. Between all her lies, and the fact she dated me because my friend turned her down, it's kind of tainted the memories for me. I don't hate her, and I know she still has the pictures of us, because she's insisted on being friends (I'm pretty much her safety net, she thinks I still want her) but I don't exactly have the fondest opinion of her either. The friends I mentioned earlier have cut her off, because they got tired of her advances towards them and I'm starting to lean that way myself. But anyways, some people say I should keep the pictures because I'll regret getting rid of them, others say chuck em. I'm 50-50 and hoping the opinion of you guys will help me decide. So what do you think I should do?
Should I delete pictures of my ex-girlfriend?
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