What do I say to get my ex boyfriend to forgive me?

i have only been with my boy friend 4 months and I care about him so much I lied so many times and I said hurtful things my only intentions were to hurt him I don't know what I was thinking the only times he hurt me was when he broke up with me after I hurt him. this last time I lied about my ex just to see what he said and the words he said wasn't what I wanted to hear what do I do


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  • Learn from your mistakes, grow up, forgive yourself, and then - if you are still wanting to get back in touch with your ex (so he can forgive you); then you can talk with him.

    - Preferably do so without acknowledging any of the hurt past at first; save that until a few weeks after you two begin hanging out again. Avoid jumping into a relationship or talking anything about it. just be his friend and support him. Once he trusts you again (unlikely), then you can proceed to appologize to him about what you have done.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • We already best friends but I wasn't more than that

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    • Wow now ur not so mean

    • I appologize for coming off mean. Take care :)

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