How do I stop lurkin on my ex page?

I don't know how to stop


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  • I went through this a long time ago. My ex left me 6 months pregnant for someone else. Not only did I lurk my ex page, I lurked the "other woman's" page and tortured myself by keeping up with new family they created. you get to a point where you realize you don't want to torture yourself anymore. You realize everyone's moving on with their lives and you're still stuck in the past. You have to decide you want to move on. I deleted my social media because if that's what it took to stop, then so be it.


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  • You know that whatever they do after you broke up doesn't matter. Jealousy is not going to do you any good. Fear isn't going to do you any good, nor is knowing anything she's up to. Stop going to her page, delete her number, delete her texts, remove her from your friends.

    • I think unfriending an ex girlfriend after a breakup is a bad idea. Personally, I will find it immature, so you better just stop visiting her profile rather than deleting her from your friends.

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    • No problem

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • Try unfollow her feeds if its on facebook without actually removing her as friend
    i feel you bro..
    going through the same things before
    biggest fear is that there will be another guy face showed up at her media and it would totally drive me crazy..

  • meet new people


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