Does he miss me?

I know i have to get over it. I heard all this horrible stories since we broke up 2 months ago. I literally cried myself fucked up. So i saw him at a party Saturday with a girl thats really not as goid looking as i am. She looks a bit lesboe. And i looked amazing every guy there talked to me while he was standing there holding his lesbean. Anyway he couldnt keep his eyes off of me. My friend told my coysin he told her that he misses me a lot so i just thought bullshit! Cause whys he still holdung the lesboe? Anyway i enjoyed myself i looked happy and danced wuth everyone. I was basically tje hottest girl there. I got myself a sexy younger guy ( young dumb and full of cum) and then my ex disappeared. So i decided im downing a few drinks to get fucked to actually get the courage to show this guy a thing or 2 in bed. So i did it i felt so horrible the next day for a while untill my friend told me he had like 4 girls in the last 2 months. One was his ex, who is very beautiful so i dont know how he fucked her over.. the other one the lesboe, he pregnated one of his friends girlfriends. So im fucking disgusted i can't even imagine what the other girl looks like.. why the hell is he doing this? I want to make him super jealous i want to see him stress the way i did about fuck all and cry myself to death. I hope i hurt the shit out of him cause his mouth was literally open when he saw me at the party and every guy wanted me and i want to see him standing in front of me wanting me back. Then i would like to ask him why he had to fucking hurt me so much when he knew i was already hurt and he knew i was fucking so sad wbout loosing him. And then i want to tell him that i dont have space for him in my life because he's a fucking selfish slut and i hope he misses me everytime he looks at another girl with his wandering eyes. Fucking asshole. Does he miss me? Cause id like to show him how fuckib awesome it feels to be thrown away if you love someone so much.!!


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  • I know you know the answer here because the first line of your post is about the only thing that makes sense. Yes, you need to get over it but more importantly, you need to forget about him and think about yourself. If you want to get with other guys or even have casual sex with a new guy every night, it's just fine -- but do it for yourself, not for him. I mean, of course you felt horrible the next day because you nailed a random guy hoping it would make some other guy jealous. Everyone involved in that transaction had a great time -- except you.

    I understand that you're hurt, sad, and you feel discarded but don't worry about who he dates or what he thinks. I can tell you that he probably doesn't miss you and he has spent about as much time thinking about you in total as you spent writing about him above. Find a guy who's worth your time and actually more importantly, spend some time respecting yourself rather than making everything about a guy.


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  • Bitter much? Just let it go. You're bigger than this. You're over 20, you're past the childhood games.


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