I can't just let it go. Advice please?

My ex not only cheated on me, he treated me like shit towards the end than he manipulated certain people to make me look like the bad guy and now he is going above and beyond with his new girl. He even hides their relationship.

He knew I cared deeply yet he played me. I am trying to just let it go. But it's consuming me and I am feeling anger cause he knew my last ex did the same shit! And he ended up doing the same


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  • Cut all contact and connections with your ex. Such as get new Phone Numbers, social media and various online accounts, make whole new social media accounts or something. Keep yourself distracted by doing other more important things. Learn to have and use better judgment next time around should you ever get in a new relationship again in the future.

    Throw away and get rid of anything and everything that is relevant to your ex, such as gifts to you from him. Otherwise it will continue to remind you of him and you will continue to think about him and constantly feel miserable.

    Look on the bright side, it's not the be all and end all, this is only a bad breakup, but it shall pass. If you had kids with your ex and then had a really bad breakup then it would have been much more difficult and worse to manage the feelings and thoughts you still have for him right now. Right now it is manageable, but you have to be willing to put this all behind you as the past because it's something that already had happened and you cannot change it, and therefore the only way is forward.

    • Thank you for the mho.

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  • There are no magic solutions here. You just got to get over it. Maybe go out on another date with some guy from an online dating site? Breakups are tough and they can get ugly and this one of course has gotten ugly. But if you can find a way to concentrate on you rather than spending your time thinking about him, you'll be ok.

    Maybe you should just let me take you out to dinner and a musical. There are productions of Man of La Mancha and Beautiful going on in town. I guarantee it'll get you to forget about this guy for at least three hours.

  • I walked in on my girlfriend sleeping with her ex one day When I called off work to surprise her with a ring and a proposal. It wasn't the first time she cheated either but I loved her and still do. She left me after I said I was willing to work things out. Life shits on you sometimes, you just have to wipe it off and move on. Not that it's easy, this was two weeks ago and I'm still heartbroken and lost, but I'm doing my best to move on and forget her, you should try and do the same. Some people are just too selfish to care :/


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