Was he trying to make me jealous? He married the rebound?

My ex & I dated when we were 14-18. Things went really well. Mom and him clashed heads sometimes. We graduated hs and went
to diff schools that were 40 mins apart. At orientation he meant another girl and broke up with me. Balling my eyes out I begged for things to work out. He wouldn't have it. He said I was too childish (forgive me for not wanting to get married at 18 or wanting to play with my friends. Anyways for a couple weeks I felt confused and heartbroken. One night in the middle of the night he drove to my house and said he was so sorry and that I was the one for him. Things went well for the next three months. Or so I thought. All of the sudden he kept getting mad about not being able to see me. I couldn't afford a car. He eventually broke up with me again for another girl. This time I cut him out for good.
however he would stil contact me and try to talk to me. I won't have it. He left for another girl again. How could he do that? Three months later people told me he was engaged to her only after knowing her a few months.
i blocked him everywhere and he admitted to stalking me online. When he couldn't get ahold of me he would message friends begging for them to get ahold of me. I needed to be alone. It hurt. He even found out somehow where I worked and brought his new girl there. She apparently found my email and asked why he was so boring. I don't even know her ( I think it was the ex).
Anyways 3 years later they are married. His mommessaged my mom that they hate her and wish that he was marrying me. And now we happen to live in the same city just a few miles from another.
they married a yr ago and I just don't understand. why was he getting in touch? What did he want? Why did his mom message my mom about the marriage and admitting that she was the rebound. I'm hurt and confused.


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  • i dont think you marry someone JUST to make someone else jealous

    i think that if you are so obsessed with someone else's relationships, you may have issues that need addressing


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  • He wasn't loyal to you at the beginning of the relationship; if you give him another chance there's a possibility again that he will break up with you again. It's your decision. You know your ex better. Good luck.


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  • you spent 4 years together, but you didn't want to get married?


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  • Well that's fucking ridiculous! You should marry someone else just to teach his ass a lesson! And spite that sob by living happily ever after 😡


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