Please help me I need as much advice as possible?

its been 6 months since i broke up with my girlfriend, i never saw the break up coming she just suddenly one day said she wasn't happy and wanted to end it. she has never given me a reason and she used to keep visiting me at my work (i work at a gym which she was a member of) i found it very hard to get over her and i still am not. she went away for 3 months but now she is back and things keep popping up on her facebook of her going out all the time. i also keep running into her in the town we both live in and i am trying my best to avoid her, she doesn't speak to me when i message her, should i delete her from my social media? does anyone have any tips on getting over a girl?

I've tried dating other girls but literally i dont feel anything towards them, i feel its because im still in love with my ex but no matter what i do i can't stop thinking about her. i really am unhappy, I've started my own business, started boxing and exercising a lot more but nothing seems to help. it feels as if she is a drug and i cannot get over her so any tips would be welcome. thank you for your time.


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  • I'm going through the same right now.
    It's better not to hope that there will be a miracle and she will come back to you.
    Best is to move on.
    Talking to my friends made me feel better cause no matter what; my friends always supports me.
    When I stay busy at work I don't remember him and I know that dating someone else isn't gonna fix it right now.
    I blocked him everywhere and deleted his memories. I'm planning to move on to another place for my studies cause I know that this place is gonna remind me of him.
    It's gonna take time may be months or years.
    May be by that time I'm gonna find a better person who's gonna make me happier then my ex.
    Hope this helps. Good luck. Stay strong.

    • thank you, kinda relieving knowing im not the only one going through this. i just want to feel happy again, I've tried talking to my family and friends but i can tell they are sick of it.

    • It's even harder for me cause he's with another chick now.
      Try to stay busy as much as you can. Do the things that you love to do. Play video games, watch movies, sport.
      You better not get into a rebound relationship.
      It will take time. Give yourself enough time. Good luck.

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  • Don't gahdamn talk to her. Im pretty sure she left you for another dude. They hung out for months. That's just the reality.

    Now go out and fuck as many bitches as possible. Also go out and do stuff and post it on social media so she could see that shit. If you really want her back that's what you need to do.

    But in other words fuck her. Find a nee chick. The infatuation will ware off after a month. Trust me.


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  • Delete her from everything. My rule is when I'm done with a person they are deleted off everything it helps so you're not constantly looking at them.

  • I am 46 years old, and went through this in March. I was you... so let me give you some advice- NO CONTACT of any sort. Yes block or delete on on social media, take the numbers out of the phones and devices, everything. It may sound drastic, but don't keep reaching out. If you take all this away, it will limit your ability to do so. It does get easier, but it takes time. Time and start being focused on things you like to do and new places and hobbies. Again, it takes time, but you will get through it!

  • You need to cut her out completely. Have time to grieve and accept it as clearly you haven't


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  • I feel you bro.. just went through the same things
    cutting of contact is the best thing i think
    try blocking her of unfollow her feeds without actually removing her as friend
    it can make you a little better without knowing whats going on with her life..
    time will heal bro..
    ask your brother out there and have some fun..
    this is your chance to be free, to do the things you can't do while in relantionship


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