Please help me I need as much advice as possible?

its been 6 months since i broke up with my girlfriend, i never saw the break up coming she just suddenly one day said she wasn't happy and wanted to end it. she has never given me a reason and she used to keep visiting me at my work (i work at a gym which she was a member of) i found it very hard to get over her and i still am not. she went away for 3 months but now she is back and things keep popping up on her facebook of her going out all the time. i also keep running into her in the town we both live in and i am trying my best to avoid her, she doesn't speak to me when i message her, should i delete her from my social media? does anyone have any tips on getting over a girl?

I've tried dating other girls but literally i dont feel anything towards them, i feel its because im still in love with my ex but no matter what i do i can't stop thinking about her. i really am unhappy, I've started my own business, started boxing and exercising a lot more but nothing seems to help. it feels as if she is a drug and i cannot get over her so any tips would be welcome. thank you for your time.
Please help me I need as much advice as possible?
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