Is she a rebound girl?

Me and my ex broke up 8 months ago. He broke up with me and he has been dating a new girl for about a 2 months now. He doesn't have me on any social media but we have mutual friends. And they're telling me he is crazy about this girl that he has never clicked with anyone like that before (which really hurt me ), that she's already met his family, planning holidays for next year. How can he be crazy about somebody after a few weeks of dating?

I'm devastated and know I shouldn't be asking about him but I thought we'd get back together. Do you think she could be a rebound or can you fall for somebody like that so soon?

We were together 2 years and he has just throw it away. I want honest opinions thanks.
I say she is a rebound girl it won't last
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No by the sounds of it his fallen in love
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Is she a rebound girl?
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