Why did my ex want for me and his new girlfriend to fight?

So I seen him working up the street from me (he's a cable technician) I walked past him going to get my morning coffee. Less than 2 minutes later his girlfriend is screaming my name running after me (apparently she was waiting in his work truck) so she asks me if my name is such and such I'm like yea and she's like leave him alone and I finally know what you look like. She wanted to fight me but my neighbor got in between us and she walked back to his truck. When I come back from the store I took a different path where she didn't see me but he did, he signaled her to run to my house when he seen me at my door. Moments I texted him telling him to stop this shit and leave me alone or I'm calling cops so then she comes banging at my door.

He set this all up because she had no idea what my name was or what I looked like until he notified her. Granted I drunk texted him when we broke up and I knew he was with her but is drunk texting enough to make him this mad to set me up to have a fight?


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  • First, if you saw him near your place, did you want to walk past him? Did you see the girlfriend in the truck before she screamed at you? Why did she ask you to leave him alone? Because of the drunk text when you broke up? Everything that happens could be relative. But bottom line, if you guys are the age bracket you post, this sounds like something out of a high school drama... Put a restraining order on their ass, block all sites from him, take out his number from your phone, and move forward in life... you don't need the aggravation! Best of Luck


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  • Sounds like he told her all about you as he clearly seen you as you walked by. I don't know what you drunk texted him but whatever the issue is it seems like he's mad about you for something so he sent his girlfriend over to settle it out since it doesn't appear he's over it.


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