Ex boyfriend broke up with me because depression + friends?

I've met this amazing guy last year through a game of League of Legends.
We had a lot of fun and feelings were growing, eventually since February we started our long distance relationship.
He's from England and i'm from Netherlands.
Everything was perfect, sometimes we had arguments but i guess thats in every relationship

On a Sunday evening we skyped talking about our futures.
I asked him if he wanted to go to uni or continue working and he was really unsure.
Then he start talking that he missed his friends.
Don't get me wrong, i never wanted to steal him away from his friends.
I also asked a lot things like: Maybe we can ask 'scott' to play or maybe we can ask Pete to play? a game
Then he kept rejecting the idea saying things like: we'll always be friends but i choose for you.
I guess i was okay with it so i didn't really bothered.
That night we got in a argument which i can't really remember and said some nasty stuff.

Last Sunday he kept saying mean stuff, i talked to him about it because i didn't like it.
Then he decided to break up with me.. out of no where.
I asked him if he was sure about breaking up with me, he told me he wasn't sure.
He told me he was depressed and was getting sick of everything, which i am still unclear about what he is getting sick of.
He hid me from his family and friends, his family does know i excist but they only know my name.

He still wants to be friends with me, i'm not so sure what i can/should do.
He hurt me with this sudden break up and putting all the depression blame on me.

I do love him a lot, even now while i shouldn't.
But i'm so clueless what i can do or maybe anyone here expierenced the same thing?
Ex boyfriend broke up with me because depression + friends?
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