Ways to get back with my ex fiance. I am 6 months pregnant

This is a long post sorry! I just need some advice. We have been together for 4 year my fiancé and I got into a argument, he left for the night and then had me pick him up the next day.( We live together) He spent the night but didn't sleep in the same room with me. He said that he couldn't sleep and so he stayed up all night watching TV. Well that day he had to help some family move so I took him to his families house and he said he would get a ride home that night. He didn't come home all weekend and Sunday called saying that he spent the weekend thinking and he feels smothered and he needs space that he was going to stay with his cousin for a few days. I found out that night after canceling plans to take me to dinner he had taken another girl to dinner. Well I had his cell phone disconnected out of spur of the moment and anger. Irrational on my part I know. So Monday he called asking to see our son on Tuesday. I agreed, he also stated that him needing some space meant we were separated and that he didn't cheat on me that it wasn't a date and that they are just friends. He called Tuesday I didn't answer, he called on Wednesday I ignored all his calls. I saw him at the doctors office the next day while taking my mom. He said I was being vindictive for not letting him see our son. When he asked how come I didn't bring our son to see him I said I had other things to do. He replied saying yeah right, then he went on to ask how come I didn't answer his phone calls on Wed. I told him I need my space. He was just dumbfounded. Well I told him I was going out of town for the weekend. I am in love with this man, I don't know how else to get him back. I am 6 1/2 months pregnant with our second child. I don't want to be vindictive or anything. But he's the one that chose to walk out on our family. He chose not to be able to come home to him. Does anyone have any advice at all, this is so hard. I have tried the no contact thing but I don't want that to back fire in my face. I just want my man back and my baby's dad to be around! I don't even know if what I just typed makes sense.


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  • First of all do you really want him back...or you just want your babies daddy back? You need to thinki if you really want him...maybe you do need to think.

    And if he really lovess you he'll come back without you doing anything. Maybe he's just seeing what's out there and when he sees your the real love of his life he'll be baack or maybe he finds out you guys are through...theres nothing you can do but wait for the best. You can't force a relationship it will only hurt you both...

    Think about what you really want and good luck!

  • this is soooo hard for you I'm sure... the only thing I can say is that he is testing the waters. Don't let him get away with making you his side family, but also don't come down hard on him either. Let him go but show him all the good he is missing. I'm not saying be all super sweet, he needs to know that "i need space" does not automatically mean "I'm gonna see other people" and that you aren't cool with that. But that you are cool with making you both happy, whatever that mean. So be totally f-ing cool around his lame ass. But seriously, I'm only saying that because you love him because for real? your preggers and that is just bogus of him.


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