Why would my ex just show up at my job?

I broke up with him back in June because he cheated. We have a son together who is 7mths old. After I broke up with him. He started being very ugly with me. I waited to see if he would hand that other woman and put an end to things. But she communicated with me that they were now living together and officially in a relationship. So with all the disrespect and deceit I made arrangements with his mom so that he can have access and have every opportunity to still be a father without communicating with me. I needed space and time and he just behaved his way out of it with all the disrespect. It had been two weeks of him trying to get me to react but yelling his mom things like he was going to take and keep our son and him and that other woman was going to raise him ad a family. I refuse to react and told his mom if that's what he wants to do that's ok, because that's his father. He took him and then gave h back I can only assume it was because he didn't get the reaction he thought he was going to get. That same day he shows up at my job. We just looked at each other for a moment and then I walked away to the office till he left. I was overwhelmed because I was happy to see him, mad at him, and sad all at the same time and didn't know how to have responded to his unexpected invisit. It's been a week since it happened and it bothered me. Why would he go out of his way to come to my job. He treats me like he hates me had said he lost all respect for me as a mother. He is with the girl he cheated on me with. When he came into my job I realized that I still had hope that we would have what it takes to work through it, but I don't know if he does. Or if he even wants to. He seems to have moved on quickly and I feel like he loves her and chose her because he was willing to cheat. And be with her after. Help please.


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  • I hope you've got court ordered child support and visitation scheduled by the court. If not do it now. You don't want him back it didn't work nor will it ever

  • He's just getting a rise out of you. The child bit clearly failed but the job visit seems to have gotten to you. Stay the course


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