Does she love me? Can I move on or get her back?

I dated a girl one year ago. She always told me she wasn't yet read to commit herself because of breakup she had had at that time. But, she gave me some time to wait.

Within that months I was waiting, we always have been together, hanging out, kissing to the deepest we could, no sex. She used to tell me she misses me after like one day we meet each other. Our friends knew us. Her friends used to push her to commit herself quickly.

When I tried to push her to commit herself, she used to say:" You can love someone else. But if you do, I will know that you haven't loved me. I am afraid to regret if I let you go." I decided to wait until she will be able to take decision. We kept living as people in relationship.

One day, I started seeing that she was always happy talking to someone on the phone. When I asked her if she found someone else, she said:" No. it is just a friend. I can' date someone else when you are still around. If I have to, I will let you know before." Then I asked her again if she think that we can love each other. She responded:"Yes, it is. I love you. But I am not ready to commit myself now." After one month, then I decided to investigate. I checked in her contact and found someone she called:"Mon tresor". Meaning:"My treasure". Which confirmed already a kind of relationship going on between them. When I asked her why, she said:"I love him!". I then decided to stop, no contact. She later came to me to apologize that she didn't want to end it that way. I easily forgiven her. She finally being in relationship with that guy after a week.

Now she is saying she wasn't the cause, she will explain to me. As we are in the same workplace, she always reacts awkward when we see each other. She seems angry like breaking on the table pens, phone, papers. She is responding badly when ask something of work, and it seems like we are arguing.

Why this reactions? Does she really love me? I am having a reason to try again or I keep being away from her?
Does she love me? Can I move on or get her back?
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