An excuse for IF he cheats? (if you're military please answer)

My Boyfriend just graduated from basic. I know, enough said there, right? He's a typical guy, IE can be rowdy and rebellious, but for the most past has always been a "good guy". He has only had 3 sex partners, 2 of them long term committed relationships. None of his friends or family, guy or girl, have anything bad to say about him, but the military does change you. He just told me that the base he is going to next for tech school has a high STD rate, and that everyone gets laid on their first town pass, and that it's so crazy there and such a party that sex "just happens". He says he was just telling me that to make fun of the retarded excuses other guys give, but I think he was trying to give me an excuse for IF he cheats! I trust him, I don't see him as that type of guy, but now that he is military he is a bit cocky, and now I'm actually worried that he might cheat. Is it possible that he was testing me? I've been hurt, lied to, and cheated on by Army guys so much before! Seriously, how faithful and loyal ARE MOST military guys?


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  • I'm Royal Navy and I'd rather die than cheat on my girlfriend. But yeh sex doesn't 'just happen'. that's the beauty of self control and free will. sound like he was trying to prepare you for bad news. if he really cares though he'll be faithful


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