My ex cares about me?

I have stopped to talk with my ex because i was mad at him and now we're over. We broke up last week. Yesterday he posted on facebook that according to the phrase "lucky in game unlucky in love" he would win the lottery or gambling and asked to his facebook friends which is best lol. Now i'm unsure if he doesn't like me anymore or still has feelings for me, because i do... So, what its your opinion about his comment? Thanks


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  • Short answer which will nevertheless save you a lot of heartache: stop using Facebook so much and 100% stop using it to glean information about people you’re not 100% in communication with. In other words, it’s useless to sit and analyze Facebook comments. It’s not good use of your beautiful brain.

    Concentrate on the feeling of love that started the relationship and look at how different you’re feeling now. Here you are, scrutinizing Facebook comments. No, stop it, and learn to meditate. Or go for a long walk until your mind starts to relax, aka meditating. Or pet your dog etc.

    No more Facebook for you 

    But does that make sense?

    • That it's a good advice. Lately, i have avoiding to login because it only makes me sad and feel worst about myself. I noticed that when i stay all day off, my day is far more productive! Not sure why i feel that way, but i guess it's because i miss talking to him there... Thank you so much for helping! :)

  • Are you trying to ask if your ex cares about you or not based on facebook comments?


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